Same Sex Relationships

Same sex couples who are registered domestic partners generally have the same rights, protections, and benefits and are subject to the same responsibilities, obligations and duty under the law as married persons. The same procedure is followed to dissolve a domestic partnership as is used to dissolve a marriage.

Likewise, same sex couples who have lived together but have not registered as domestic partners and are not married may still have a “Marvin” claim against their former partner if there was an agreement between them to jointly own the assets they acquired during their relationship and/or there as an agreement to provide support to the other.

Refer to the other pages on this website for further information about the dissolution process as it will apply equally to dissolutions of marriage and to dissolutions of domestic partnerships.

Jackie has represented numerous same sex couples in dissolution, custody and Marvin actions and has been interviewed on KGO radio (The Len Tillem Show) and by The Press Democrat regarding these issues.